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Cocoon: A Sound Sanctuary

Cocoon is inspired by the ancient Greek Asclepeion healing temples, where individuals would go for rest and renewal, hoping to be visited by dreams that would aid in their journey to wellness. Similarly, Cocoon offers a sanctuary for relaxation, inviting participants to lie down, get comfortable, close their eyes and be carried away on a transformative sound journey that will be orchestrated by live musicians. The evening will begin with gentle movements on the mat followed by a long Savasana. There will be very little to “DO” other than allow your cells to absorb the beautiful vibrations of the music and just rest. 

Please bring a yoga mat, a pillow, a small blanket and wear comfortable clothing. Remember, this is a special Cocoon designed for you, so bring what you need to make yourself comfortable and cozy.

COST: By Donation

Online Registration Required, Limited Space (20 People)