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Our Bellydance and Aerial Classes are offered in 8 week sessions, where knowledge is built on technique learned each week. Some of our sessions allow drop ins, like our bellydance sessions. Other sessions, like our Intro to Silks, do not allow drop-ins, as safety and correct climbing technique are covered in the first class and built on progressively throughout the session. Please read carefully before signing up to ensure that the class or session you're signing up for allows drop-ins mid-session.  Yoga classes are offered continuously unless otherwise noted.

 Note: We take a week break between sessions, which means that only Yoga classes will be offered during that time.
Currently scheduled breaks are:

 Dec 24th - Jan 6th | March 4th - 10th | May 6th-12th


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Yin Yoga

A class targeted towards opening the connective tissues of the body, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints; areas of the body that, when the muscles are warm, are usually difficult to access. Poses are held in deep expression for longer periods of time in an effort to gently but firmly create flexibility and to explore the experience of being still within a pose.

All levels welcome.

Mondays, 6pm
Wednesdays, 9am


Dynamic Flow

A more vigorously paced flow class where practitioners are guided through a sequence of dynamic, heat-generating asana intended to build strength. Be prepared to enjoy a detoxifying sweat, and practice your pranayama with this breath-body connected class focused on conditioning and flexibility. 

All levels welcome.

Tuesdays, 6pm


Vinyasa Flow

A variably paced flow class focused on connecting breath and body through posture sequences, moving through every area of the body and building towards a peak pose; enjoy a generously relaxed mind and a thoroughly stretched body.

All levels welcome.

M, T, W, Th, 12pm
W, 6pm


Aerial Yoga

Suspension yoga using an aerial hammock as a support prop and tool to move through yoga postures modified for use in the hammock.  Expect more inversions than a traditional yoga practice, and enjoy a playful, exploratory approach to being off the ground.

All levels welcome.

Thursdays, 6pm

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Aerial Hammock Meditations

Cocoon Sessions

A restorative, relaxing, and intentional meditation session in our aerial silk hammocks. Levitate gently in the air, safely cocooned in silk fabric in savasana for this partially guided meditation session.  Students will begin with a few restorative aerial yoga postures before sinking into cocoon (savasana in the hammock) and enjoying a relaxing soundscape, with a guided meditation interwoven into the experience. 

All levels welcome. 

Th, 4:30pm


Sun/Moon Flow

Medicine for the modern mind, Moon practice is a deep, challenging and nourishing Asana practice with longer holds and an emphasis on creating stability and calmness of both body and mind. Standing poses and floor work, coupled with a focus on conscious and extended exhalations are used to guide awareness inwards to touch that pure space of stillness that exists beyond the thinking mind. 

All levels welcome.

T, Th 9am
Th 12pm



A slow mindful practice where we hold the postures for 2 to 8 minutes with a deep awareness to the facia (connection tissue), the breath and conscious intention. It's an intimate practice that opens the subtle anatomy and invites the physical structure to release organically. Nothing is forced. Only invited. Stillness is honored. Closing we melt into a golden sea of honey deep rest followed with co created meditation.

All levels welcome. 

Sun, 6:30pm



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ATS® Bellydance Level 1

ATS® is an improvisational (choreography-free!) style of belly dance that incorporates elements of Egyptian, Indian, flamenco, and other traditional dances from around the globe. The ATS® system uses a standardized “vocabulary” of dance movements with built in cues and transitions that make it possible for dancers to improvise together in set formations. Students in Level 1 learn the foundational vocabulary and posture and practice following a leader in formation.

No bellydance experience necessary. Beginners welcome!

Tues, 7:15 - 8:15p


ATS® Bellydance Level 2

Pre-requisite required - ATS® Belly Dance Level 1 and instructor permission.

This intermediate ATS class builds on the foundations of Level 1. With a much larger vocabulary of movement, Level 2 spans two 8-week sessions and covers intermediate improvisational dance skills such as leading/following and dancing with a large group (chorus). At least two sessions of Level 1 and prior discussion with instructor required for admittance. 

Saturdays, 9-10am


ATS® Bellydance Level 3

Pre-requisite required - ATS® Belly Dance Level 2 and instructor permission.

This level 3 class includes advanced ATS® steps and combinations, dialect steps, prop work, and floor work. With a strong emphasis on advanced technique in movement, formations, leading, and performance readiness, this class requires mastery of level one and two concepts as well as permission from the instructor.

Saturdays, 10-11am


aerial arts

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intro to silks

This session is for the very new beginner; an introduction to aerial silk fundamentals, climbing technique, conditioning and safety, this class is the foundational prerequisite to Aerial Silks 1.

This class is only offered in sessions; drop-ins aren't permitted, as each week is built on the previous, and students must begin at the start of the session in order to learn fundamental safety and climbing technique. 

Sun, 1pm-2pm
Thurs, 7:12-8:15p



Aerial Silks 1

Aerial Silks 1 will dive deeper in to skills learned in the Intro to Silks class as well as expand with new skills and build endurance. Students can expect to learn more from foot locks, poses, hip locks, inversion and by the end of class, compose a series of moves. This class is a prerequisite to Aerial Silks 2.
*Aerial silk experience or completion of  Intro to Silks and instructor permission required.

Mon, 7:15p - 8:15p

Drop-ins by experienced aerial students permitted with instructor permission.


Aerial Silks 2

A class for the experienced aerial student; take your aerial silks knowledge to the next level with intermediate to advanced locks, poses, and drops!*
*Aerial silk experience or completion of Aerial Silks 1 and instructor permission required.

Weds, 7:15p - 8:15p

Drop-ins by experienced aerial students permitted with instructor permission.