A bevy of acrobats, silk-climbers, yogis, dancing girls, mischief-makers, dream-chasers, all here to facilitate movement, health, wellness, and joy. 

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Acoatzin has been making Magic in the Air since 2010, and has trained primarily on the East coast, but has also traveled all around the country to continue his education in Aerials. His primary apparatus is Fabric, but also he works on and teaches Sling, Rope, Lyra and Trapeze, among others.

He has trained at New England Center for Circus Arts in Vermont (NECCA) where he has taken all his teacher training, and continues taking various skills classes there from time to time.

Acoatzin is the owner of Monarca In Flight in Virginia, where he teaches and performs. Now he is co-owner of Coil in Spokane, and he would love to share his knowledge and style with others.

Prior to discovering his love for the circus arts, Acoatzin was a performer and teacher of multiple styles of dance, most notably Mexican Folk Dance, which he has studied since he was 5 years old.  Prior to moving to the U.S., Acoatzin danced professionally in his home country of Mexico, where he also studied fashion design.

Acoatzin believes the circus is for everyone and can change your life.

Mindy O'Brien - Aerial Instructor

Mindy has been practicing, performing and teaching aerial since 2011, right here in Spokane, WA. She was hooked from her very first class, enamored with how it challenged both her mind and her body. and now her daredevil performances and love for exciting and powerful aerial moves has become a trademark style. She has trained and performed with Spokane Aerial and Performance Arts, Vertical Elements Entertainment, and of course with Coil Studio, at a number of local events and performances. 

She believes that aerial can not only condition the body and strengthen the muscles, but help everyone gain confidence and overcome their fears and insecurities, revealing the powerful and playful individual in all of us.


Nicole Bucher - Aerial Instructor




Mosha's journey and relationship with yoga begun way before Asana (postures) with his inherent yearning to understand and connect with life. Natural born seeker exploring the depths and wisdom of not just yoga, but Zen, Shamanism, Buddism, Taoism, Indigenous Natives, Quantum Physics, Acro Yoga and in more recent years a wide range of Martial Arts. He tends to collaborate and offer doses of each practice to cater to the present situation at hand. His practice with yoga began 7 years ago drawn to the spiritual aspects of expanding consciousness and connecting with the inner most self. His first training was a 200hr Vinyassa at Lila in 2013 laying a strong foundation for growth to come. Beginning to teach and share the practice then, Mosha continued the role as the student and made it back for a second training at Lila in 2014 for another 200hrs in Vinyassa. The integration and embodiment from these training's continues to unfold never expecting to quite “be there.” The elements of sharing practice you can expect from him are an earthy connected approach to gracefully pushing the limits physically and mentally , while honoring the breath as the priority for our presence. Influenced by a child like nature to dance and play his Vinyassa will be varying often with creative inspiration from international teachers and experiences from travels and studies. His wide range of interests in movement lead to his most recent training in March 2017 a 500hr elite mixed movement arts style called Budokon in Miami, Florida. Budokon, (The way of the warrior spirit), is a style incorporating yoga, martial arts, and calisthenics. Aimed at enhancing ones ability to express movement and power this training was a transformational chapter in Mosha's practice. Mixing up the traditional elements with the modern cutting edge solutions to growth enhancing expression. Still integrating, training, searching, hungry for continued growth you can anticipate new energy being delivered and offered to his classes. Never compromising the reason the practice begun there will always be a setting for self inquiry and relationship. Believing the best thing anyone can do for the global community is to truly know oneself. This is yoga.


kelly marie dawson - yoga instructor


Kelly Marie is the owner of Salon Avant, designing hair since 1985. Kelly shares with her clients and students that it's more than what is on the outside that makes us beautiful. Kelly Marie began her Yoga journey with her breath. Kelly was diagnosed in 2009 with the pulmonary disease. In 2012 Kelly’s doctor prescribed Yoga to help her with her breathing. She began a Yoga journey where svadhyaya, self study assisted her on the path of clarity and enlightenment. Kelly noticed she was becoming stronger in all areas of her life. “Yoga saved my life.” The transformation continues every day when she's practicing Yoga. Kelly Marie teaches from a place in her heart. 



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Daniel Nagel - Yoga Instructor

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courtney rowland - ATS® BELLYDANCE INSTRUCTOR, STudio manager

Courtney Rowland has studied American Tribal Style® belly dance for ten years, and is a certified Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio. After dancing as a founding member of Kamalah Tribal in Phoenix for 7 years, Courtney returned to her hometown of Spokane where she hopes to grow the ATS® community. Courtney’s fun and challenging teaching style focuses on elegant, lifted posture and the details of technique. 

Courtney is a member of local ATS® performance troupe Cimmaron Tribal, based out of Spokane, WA. 



Nicole Shek - Yoga and Bellydance Instructor


Reychelle Salvaggio - Yoga Instructor


I moved to Spokane with little to no knowledge of the city or people. Yoga was my savior in a new and unfamiliar place. Practicing once a day to almost three times a day, I fell in love with a local studio; Coil, that accepted me and taught me an abundant amount of knowledge.

About a year later, I decided to get my teaching certificate so that I could offer what Coil had provided for me - a safe, home-y space that guided me into the community I know today.

Believing that what happens on the mat directly reflects life off the mat, I'd say my style is more lighthearted. Teaching is most enjoyable for me when we have the opportunity to play, explore and laugh at ourselves every once in a while.