A bevy of acrobats, silk-climbers, yogis, dancing girls, mischief-makers, dream-chasers, all here to facilitate your journey. 

TERA BAILEY - Co-Owner, Yoga instructor

Tera Bailey completed her 200 hour teacher training with Lila Yoga Studio in downtown Spokane. She has also taken extended workshops in Viniyoga's style of Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain. Tera started her journey with yoga 8 years ago as a committed student, incorporating yoga into her life as a way to become stronger, more flexible and more mindful. It soon became a vital part of her life and she was inspired to go deeper into the practice through the teacher training program at Lila.

Tera's style is a vinyasa flow that is grounded, strong, fun and creative with a focused awareness to breath and body. She believes that through yoga we can create an environment of healing starting with the physical body, expanding through our minds and hearts. With a committed practice, we can be inspired to truly live our best life and live each moment more healthy, more aware and more mindful.

KATIE LEUTE - Co-Owner, Yoga & Bellydance instructor


Katie Leute has spent a majority of her life studying various forms of expressive movement and dance, spending her formative years competing in contemporary dance competitions with a Seattle-based dance company. She currently fuses contemporary dance forms with American Cabaret, American Tribal Style® and Tribal Fusions of belly dance, creating a modern approach to movement that balances creative expression with technical excellence. She's a 200-hr certified yoga instructor, specializing in trauma-sensitive awareness, journeying visualization meditations, powerful body alignment, aerial yoga, and making stupid jokes while standing on her head.

Katie is an artist, metalsmith, and fabricator, and makes things in her home, where she lives with her husband and son. She facilitates and produces dance, aerial, and performance arts events in the community, most notably Arcana (2014), Sama (2016) and the annually scheduled Coil Hafla (beginning 2017).  Katie is a firm believer that radical acceptance leads to radical change; her mission is to create and support community, creating a safe space for people of all walks of like to come together, heal, laugh, move, transform, and be here now.

Mindy O'Brien - Aerial Instructor

Mindy has been practicing, performing and teaching aerial for over 5 years right here in Spokane, WA. She was hooked from her very first class, enamored with how it challenged both her mind and her body. and now her daredevil performances and love for exciting and powerful aerial moves has become a trademark style. She has trained and performed with Spokane Aerial and Performance Arts, Vertical Elements Entertainment, and of course with Coil Studio, at a number of local events and performances. 

She believes that aerial can not only condition the body and strengthen the muscles, but help everyone gain confidence and overcome their fears and insecurities, revealing the powerful and playful individual in all of us.

SUSAN HALL - Yoga instructor

The practice allowed me the opportunity to take responsibility for my own life through heightened awareness, deep listening, and breath.

Yoga is a state of mind, a science and for me, a spiritual practice.  I believe the true yogi brings their experience to the world in a loving way, hence ‘off the mat’ we reflect our true nature out into the world. I have been practicing yoga on and off the mat for over 15 years now. I am Yoga Alliance certified, RYT 400 from LiLananda Yoga Spokane, WA., and am passionate about sharing the deep traditions of yoga in its many forms.  Throughout my life I have experienced many variations of healing work, which has opened my heart to what is possible through breath, bhanda, dhristi and movement.  I have trained in various meditative techniques both classical and modern, such as sound synchronization and Nada Yoga.  

I bring my love of singing to yoga as a devotional practice, Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga.  By utilizing our own voice, the sounding sacred text, we can find inner balance and harmony for ourselves, the community and beyond.

I am honored to share the practice when the opportunity arises and hope the light that shines within will shine just a little brighter for the one and the whole.

Nicole Bucher - Aerial Instructor






Christine’s evolution into yoga began sixteen years ago in Spokane, WA. She was moved by the intuitive, creative and dance like motion that the practice of vinyasa flow offered. Yoga offered her peace with her body and self on and off the mat, as well as some of the greatest healing she had experienced, especially in regards to depression. It lit up a part of her that she had forgotten or lost or never knew. 

Over the past five years, through an aware, committed and consistent practice she became more curious about yoga. This spurred a journey to Thailand where she studied at Agama Yoga, a Tantric Yoga school, on the island of Koh Phangan. Upon her return, she embarked on a 200 hour teacher training program at Lila Yoga.  She continued studying at Lila in 200 hour teacher trainings and is in the process of completing her 500 hour training where she also had the opportunity to be a lead trainer.  Further studies include chair yoga, tai chi for arthritis, kids yoga, workshops with Shiva Rea, yoga studies with Tim Miller and a 40 hour teacher training certification with Bryan Kest, Power Yoga. 

John Hernandez - Aerial Instructor

John Hernandez began his aerial training in the spring of 2007 at Portland, Oregon’s Do jump Physical Theater Company (now Echo Theater Company), starting on low static trapeze and transitioning to Rope. He holds a certification from Portland Community College in Fitness Technology, and trained, performed, and instructed at Night Flight Aerial. His talent/skills have been shown in Night Flight’s annual Halloween Shows: Fright Night,  Portland’s Vampire Masquerade Ball, Portland’s Umbrella Festival, and Prismatic’s Debut show The Winter. John has spent most of his time developing his skills as an instructor, where he focuses on students establishing a good foundation and fundamental techniques, working on step by step progressions and confidence building.      


Courtney Rowland has studied American Tribal Style® belly dance for ten years, and is a certified Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio. After dancing as a founding member of Kamalah Tribal in Phoenix for 7 years, Courtney returned to her hometown of Spokane where she hopes to grow the ATS® community. Courtney’s fun and challenging teaching style focuses on elegant, lifted posture and the details of technique. 

Courtney is a member of local ATS® performance troupe Cimmaron Tribal, based out of Spokane, WA.