Bellydance 1: American tribal style® Basics

Beginner friendly!

ATS® is an improvisational (choreography-free!) style of belly dance that incorporates elements of Egyptian, Indian, flamenco, and other traditional dances from around the globe. The ATS® system uses a standardized “vocabulary” of dance movements with built in cues and transitions that make it possible for dancers to improvise together in set formations. Students in Level 1 learn the foundational vocabulary and posture and practice following a leader in formation.

No bellydance experience necessary. Beginners welcome!

Tue, 6:15 - 7:15p



If you're drawn to the vivacious, powerful, provocative world of cabaret and burlesque; if you're seeking to build confidence and empowerment in a welcoming, playful environment that nourishes your glorious inner vixen; if you're already a performer looking to develop your range or spruce up your skills; or if you just like to strut, dress up and feel sexy... Then this is absolutely the class for you!

We focus on juicy moves, sultry combos and dance technique designed to bring out your fabulously sexy and utterly shameless self. Hot n' sassy dance wear (including heels) encouraged! Chairs, feather boas, or canes are props you may use in this mixed level, all-genders-welcome class!

You deserve some self love! Let that inner coquette shine with Miss Nickie B. of Rouge la Rue. We're here for you, hot stuff!

This class is for 18+ students.

Sun, 3:30-4:30p

8-week session runs Oct 6 - Nov 24, 2019


Bellydance 2: ATS® Intermediate

Pre-requisite required - ATS® Bellydance Level 1 and instructor permission.

This intermediate ATS class builds on the foundations of Level 1. With a much larger vocabulary of movement, Level 2 spans two 8-week sessions and covers intermediate improvisational dance skills such as leading/following and dancing with a large group (chorus). At least two sessions of Level 1 and prior discussion with instructor required for admittance. 

Tue, 7:15-8:15p

Sat, 9:15-10:15a



Tight? We get that. Sometimes all you need is a good stretch! The benefits of taking time to really open the muscles are endless! From increased blood circulation to reduced stress, better sleep and injury prevention, this restorative one hour class can be your weekly elixir (without the gym). Gain better range of motion, awareness, and improved mental wellness in deep, active stretches that target the most commonly bound up muscle groups. Poses are not just held the whole time but actively worked to effectively release tension. Techniques from yoga, dance, pilates and Easy Flexibility © are weaved together to create a safe, progressive environment where improvements can be felt and seen! This class is appropriate for all age/experience levels.

*Note - some deep stretching and the use of rollers may be painful or uncomfortable. Always respect your limits.

Sun, 4:45-5:45


Bellydance 3: ATS® advanced

Pre-requisite required - ATS® Bellydance Level 2 and instructor permission.

This level 3 class includes advanced ATS® steps and combinations, dialect steps, prop work, and floor work. With a strong emphasis on advanced technique in movement, formations, leading, and performance readiness, this class requires mastery of level one and two concepts as well as permission from the instructor.

Sat, 10:15-11:15a


Strength & Conditioning

It's time to cross-train! 

This class is a great full-body workout for almost anyone and is designed with the aerialist in mind. Each class will include a warm-up and cool-down, and we will perform exercises selected to increase and maintain strength, stability, and mobility. Emphasis will be on proper form and appropriate exercises to help prevent overuse injuries and training imbalances. Workouts will utilize a variety of equipment and approaches such as bodyweight exercises, partner work, resistance bands, and aerial slings.

Because we will be using aerial fabric, please remove or cover all jewelry, do not wear any clothing with exposed zippers or buttons, and be prepared to remove your shoes.

No previous aerials experience necessary.

Thu, 5-6p