Yoga classes are offered continuously unless otherwise noted.


NOTE FOR ALL AERIAL APPARATUS CLASSES (Aerial Yoga and Cocoon): 1) Long hair should be tied back, 2) Fingernails must be of a reasonable trimmed length,  3) Absolutely no jewelry should be worn during class. These precautions are both for your safety and to prevent tears in our aerial silks.  Note that we reserve the right to refuse to allow a student to participate in class if they are not willing to adhere to these safety precautions.


Beginner's Yoga

A slower paced class with detailed explanation of basic alignment and fundamentals. Great for first time yogis, or those who would like to deepen an existing practice with more detailed instruction and break-down.

All levels welcome.

Mon, 9am
Fri, 9am

Glow Flow

A fusion of dynamic power flow and yin yoga cool-down, this class spends it's first half in a sweaty, detoxifying flow, before bringing the energy down and sinking into a finishing deep yin-style stretching practice, all under the soft vibrance of black light. Wear your glow gear!

All levels welcome. 

Thurs, 9am


Buti Yoga is a tribe of empowered women who support each other in their quest for health and happiness. The movement methodology is drawn from primal movement, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques to awaken the Shakti energy and free the mind.

All levels welcome. 

Fri, 12pm


Aerial Yoga

Suspension yoga using an aerial hammock as a support prop and tool to move through yoga postures modified for use in the hammock.  Expect more inversions than a traditional yoga practice, and enjoy a playful, exploratory approach to being off the ground.

Recommended to register online in advance; these classes are limited due to the amount of hammocks we have and as such, they tend to fill up quickly. 

All levels welcome.

Tuesdays, 9am
Thursdays, 6pm


Yin Yoga

A class targeted towards opening the connective tissues of the body, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints; areas of the body that, when the muscles are warm, are usually difficult to access. Poses are held in deep expression for longer periods of time in an effort to gently but firmly create flexibility and to explore the experience of being still within a pose.

All levels welcome.

Mondays, 6pm
Wednesdays, 9am


Dynamic Flow Yoga

A more vigorously paced flow class where practitioners are guided through a sequence of dynamic, heat-generating asana intended to build strength. Be prepared to enjoy a detoxifying sweat, and practice your pranayama with this breath-body connected class focused on conditioning and flexibility. 

All levels welcome.

T, W, 12pm
Tuesdays, 6pm



A slow mindful practice where we hold the postures for 2 to 8 minutes with a deep awareness to the fascia (connective tissue), the breath and conscious intention. It's an intimate practice that opens the subtle anatomy and invites the physical structure to release organically. This yin practice is followed by chanting of Mantra specific to our vital life force energies, folded into the mystery and beauty of a 20 minute meditation.

All levels welcome. 

Sun, 6:30pm


Flow Yoga

A variably paced yoga class where practitioners are guided through a sequence of asana, flowing in and out of each one, connecting breath with movement. Every area of the body, mind, and heart gets attention, resulting in all-over mindfulness and a sense of well-being.

All levels welcome.

M, Th, Fri 12pm
W, 6pm